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Are you looking to take your business and products to new heights through efficient delivery and development?

At MilScrum, we understand the challenges businesses face when it comes to juggling their day-to-day operations while striving to innovate and grow. That’s why we’re here to provide the ultimate solution to help you succeed.

Empowering Your Business with Military Precision

MilScrum is not your average delivery and development consultant. What sets us apart is our unique approach, leveraging the power of military experience to scale teams with unparalleled effectiveness. We’ve harnessed the invaluable lessons from military strategies and adapted them to the fast-paced world of business, enabling you to achieve your goals with agility and precision.

What we offer

Tailored Solutions for Seamless Integration

Our services are specially designed for businesses that seek to develop their products without compromising their core operations. We understand that your time is valuable, and our seasoned experts are here to seamlessly integrate into your organisation, ensuring a smooth and efficient collaborative effort to support your needs.

Overcoming Obstacles with Unmatched Expertise

One of the most common challenges faced by businesses is not having the required skills or time to develop their products. This is where MilScrum excels. Our highly skilled professionals bring a wealth of experience to the table, equipped with the know-how to overcome any obstacle and drive your products and business to success.

Agility, Effectiveness, and Smart Solutions

Our core values revolve around agility, effectiveness, and smart solutions. We believe that every problem has a solution, and our team is dedicated to finding the most innovative and efficient ways to meet your objectives. With MilScrum by your side, you can be confident in your ability to inspect, adapt and thrive in today’s competitive market.

Experience the Milscrum Difference

When you choose MilScrum, you’re not just selecting a consultant – you’re gaining a dedicated partner invested in your success. We are committed to fostering open communication and a collaborative spirit, ensuring that your vision and goals are at the forefront of everything we do.

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Let MilScrum be your guiding force in achieving excellence in product delivery and development. Take the leap towards success, and contact us today to embark on a transformative journey!

MilScrum – Where Agility Practice meets Military Precision

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From my talks with Wayne and his support I had an opportunity to move into an Agile delivery manager role which I secured with his encouragement

Wayne and I met though LinkedIn where I reached out to him after being unhappy in my current role and wished to understand more about Agile.
After a discovery call Wayne helped me work out personal motivators and explained what drew him to working as a Scrum master such as working with and empowering people, focusing on the customer, and delivering valuable products, this ticked a lot of my needs.
Wayne supported me with networking, empowered me to own my CV, supported my studies of Agile frameworks such as Scrum which I obtained PSM1 and PSPO1. He was also someone I could bounce questions off to deepen my understanding and draw from his applied experience.
From my talks with Wayne and his support I had an opportunity to move into an Agile delivery manager role which I secured with his encouragement; I am now looking forward to a fulfilling career.

Joe P Profile
Joe Pinder
Agile Delivery Manager

Seeing an increase of 15% equipment availability

Wayne reached out through Linkedin and asked if he could trial an experiment to see how Scrum could work within the Military particularly with the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers (REME).
We explored this option over the phone first of all and booked in a date for Wayne to come to our barracks and deliver an introduction to Scrum and how it could compliment our current ways of working.
Wayne highlighted to my team of engineers that using Scrum will reduce the need for big upfront planning in a very complex and demanding working environment with minimal disruption to our current processes.
We then role played a use case that was applicable to the working environment to understand where we may need to adapt Scrum to reap the benefits.
Since the workshop, we have adopted a model that works for us and found real value in bringing people together to all focus and work towards one common goal, seeing an increase of 15% equipment availability, expecting this to rise further.

Lewis S Profile
Capt Lewis Sandoe
Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers - 1st Bn Mercian Regiment

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