Lewis S Profile

Seeing an increase of 15% equipment availability

Wayne reached out through Linkedin and asked if he could trial an experiment to see how Scrum could work within the Military particularly with the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers (REME).
We explored this option over the phone first of all and booked in a date for Wayne to come to our barracks and deliver an introduction to Scrum and how it could compliment our current ways of working.
Wayne highlighted to my team of engineers that using Scrum will reduce the need for big upfront planning in a very complex and demanding working environment with minimal disruption to our current processes.
We then role played a use case that was applicable to the working environment to understand where we may need to adapt Scrum to reap the benefits.
Since the workshop, we have adopted a model that works for us and found real value in bringing people together to all focus and work towards one common goal, seeing an increase of 15% equipment availability, expecting this to rise further.