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Where else could Scrum be utilised?

Scrum is best utilised in environments where flexibility, adaptability, and collaboration are essential for success. While it originated in the software development industry, Scrum’s principles and practices have proven to be valuable in various other complex and complicated fields as well. Some of the areas where Scrum is particularly well-suited could include:

The Military: The military is an extremely challenging and diverse workplace. The military has various stakeholders to serve and maintain relationships with whether that be Civilians in the operational environment or industry partners to support them in equipment procurement. The demand can be dictated by various factors such as the environment, competition (the enemy), economics or politics. Although there is long term objectives and future states of what they may face. Two commons phrases used within the forces is “no plan survives first contact with the enemy” so why bother investing in long term plans, have a startegy, plan for the short term, inspect, adapt and overcome.

Non-Profit Organisations and Social Projects: Scrum’s ability to engage stakeholders early and deliver value incrementally can be advantageous in non-profit organisations and social projects, where resources and requirements may change frequently. One thing many Non-Profit Orgs all have in common is limited funding and huge levels of service. Maintaining feedback loops to ensure you are delivering value maximises the effectiveness of charitable donations to ensure it is invested in the right areas.

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Hardware Centric Product Development: Due to hardware lead times Agile delivery methods are often overlooked as a product development process for hardware centric products. However, if you are creating something novel that you are unsure what the end product will look like, how can you invest so much time in a Big upfront plan. Start small, talk with your target audience about what problems they face and how you think your idea can help solve them. Draw it, wireframe it this can be your MVP. Scrum is useful here to stop or continue the product development early allowing your businesses time to focus on the next good idea that requires validating.

Marketing: Marketing campaigns often require adaptability and responsiveness to customer feedback. An iterative approach can help marketing teams deliver campaigns more efficiently by refining strategies earlier based on feedback, achieving better customer engagement.

Education: The education system is a very big system that serves millions of stakeholders particularly Schools for our children, usually with a big planned out syllabus that results in a a few stage gates  known as mock exams with a final exam after 5 years to determine your next steps. Utilising values and theory from Scrum could allow pupils to determine their own educational needs based on future led trends such as AI or Social Media. Working in this way and as teams rather than individuals will promote togetherness and community. Learning by failing and succeeding as a collective and cross functional unit is certainly a type of world which would be nice to live within.


It’s important to note that while Scrum can be beneficial in many contexts, it might not be suitable for all products or organisations particularly when much more is known than unknown, in which case just do it. When considering using Scrum to deliver or develop your products think about factors like product complexity, access to stakeholders and especially organisational culture. In some cases, other Agile frameworks or traditional project management approaches may be more appropriate.

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